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Facebook and Google Advertising Services: Right Approach every time.

About-Us : Our company specializes in running successful PPC campaigns. Our team of professionals is devoted to helping clients achieve their marketing targets. Our top priority is integrity and transparency, and we always place our clients first. Our personnel is experienced at working with a variety of channels.

Startups Retainer Plan Starting at Flat : PPC- $500/Month, For SEO - $400/Month, For SEO+PPC : $800/Month

We provide Result driven PPC Strategy, We have worked with Hospitals, Architects, Interior designers, Photographers, Educator's, Astrologer's, Dentist, and Many more. Our Google PPC marketing Plan Drives Growth to our Clients instantly.


If Proper PPC stratergy is followed you can 20X your ROI  i.e by putting $10 in Ads You will earn $200 in Business.

  1. Instant Results possible through PPC only
  2. Best For anyone who is starting Business or needs Growth
Proven SEO Strategies takes time then any other marketing strategies, But if Proper time is invested on SEO Marketing it gives huge returns in long run.

At Least 6 months of constant work is required to achive desire results. If your Product or service is Very Niche SEO results can be seen within 2-3 months.

SEO is majorly following the right content stratergy with right keywords.

If You can't wait and need result faster, but also wanted to built organic reach to reduce your Ads cost You should diversify your marketing cost by 70:30 ratio in PPC+ SEO startergy.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Free Competition Analysis

Free Technical Audit

Google My Business optimization

We develop and execute a pay-per-click and SEO strategy to reach out to your target market wherever they are.

PPC Management Company In Noida -DMA DIGITALMARK

google ads expert in Noida

Work with a search engine marketer and pay-per-click marketer agency.

Best PPC Company in Noida -DMA with Proven track Records.

We have Straight Plans, and no any hidden charges. We charge only for the result your needed from us, no surprise hidden charges.

We are expert and well know with different industries, it helps us to directely start with the implentation part instead of doing experiments. 

We always focus on high quality stratergy and segment your audience on sales funnel basis, that provide you super target reach. 

We optimize each landing page with the proven strategy to get best ROI at minimum ad spend.

our more focus on Brand building to get more Leads for businesses. A well known name sales fater then anything else.

We provide the detailed report for the work on Bi-weekly basis, so our Clients can track and anyse their campaigns as well.

We know Why Your Ads Aren't Converting

Let us help you.

With a solid PPC & SEO strategy, your company could be found to your customers everywhere.

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Must Read FAQ'S That We Recived From Our Clients.

PPC Marketing & SEO marketing Services, Company located in Noida.


How do you know if PPC marketing is working?

If you track your ROI on your PPC advertising, you will be able to tell whether it's working or not. You should always be tracking your PPC advertising so you can ascertain its effectiveness. When you get a better understanding of your Google analytics, it will be more straightforward to distinguish which of your PPC advertisements were effective.

What are the most common types of PPC ads?

The two primary types of PPC ads are contextual or Search ads and display ads.

How can you figure out what keywords to use in PPC marketing?

Keywords are the foundation of any successful PPC campaign. Without them, your ad campaign won’t reach the right people, and you won’t see results. Keywords are the words or phrases that people use to search for products or services online.

A perfect selection of keywords helps you to optimize your campaigns.

What is retargeting? and What are some benefits of using retargeting ads?

Retargeting is just what it sounds like: users who have visited a site or used an app are retargeted with advertisements, texts, emails, and so on to tell them about the goods and services on offer. It helps companies increase conversion rates and boost profits.

How do you bid on PPC ads?

There are two types of Bidding system available one is manual and other one is automatic, well automatic works well in most of the cases but it is always good idea to constraint some keywords with manual bidding so marketing budget will be in control.

We analyse keywords effectiveness using tools like semrush and Ahref on that basis we increase or decrease our bidding to each keywords.

What does CPC stand for in PPC marketing?

CPC stands for cost per click, which is a main element of PPC targeting. If your transactional keyword have a low CPC you will get a huge ROI/Profits.

What are the disadvantages of PPC marketing?

The major disadvantage of pay-per-click marketing is that advertising can be very expensive if it is not optimized properly and timely.

Other then that there is a huge potential that offer by PPC marketing which no other marketing channel can offer.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC marketing?

The fundamental difference is in how they use search engines to generate leads. PPC marketing uses cost per click, while search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on organic results.

And with PPC people get instant results, and once you stop your ads you lost your traffic whereas With SEO one should have to wait for at least 6 months but after that they get free traffic for long term.


How can I find out if my website is doing well in search engine rankings?

To discover how your web site is performing in search engine rankings, you should take a look at the google search console data.

Alternatively you can headover to semrush and search your domain you will get the basic idea about your website ranking.

How much can seo marketing help a business?

SEO marketing can be a great way to kick-start a company's sales strategy. And Postion themselves in front of potential customers. If right strategy is followed one can create a SEO Sales Funnel to get there targated clients to specific page and re-target them with Paid ads.

It not only boost converstion but also reduce your sales fatigue.

What should someone know before they start a seo marketing campaign?

Planning and calibrating a SEO campaign often takes a lot of time and effort. First you need to establish your brand, where you will be marketing and what products or services you will be offering.

Your Low hanging and high Intent Keywords should be researched properly before you jump into your SEO campaign.

What is the goal of seo marketing? and How often should I focus on my seo strategy?

Search engine optimization develops a website's visibility in search engine results. A website owner should use SEO techniques as much as possible so that they can develop their visibility significantly.

What mistakes do people make when it comes to seo marketing?

The most common mistake made in search engine optimization marketing is applying a one-size-fits-all method that is putting same stratergy for all kind of business, and trying to buy more poor quality and irrelevance backlink for there website that do more harm then good.

What are the benefits of seo marketing?
  • You will get consistent high quality leads.
  • Lowers your marketing expanse.
  • Easy Funnel Visualization.
  • Easy tracking of content and batter idea about future content.
  • Helps in Brand Building and increasing trust.
What is your company's approach to seo marketing?

First of all we thoroughly go through your website Audit, Corrects the technical issues, there after connecting all the analytics tools to track the website health and performance.

Then we do through keyword research and priortiprioritize the keywords and creat content according to the plan.

How can seo help your website rank higher?

If you create quality content and distribute it, at relevant channel, your authority will improve with time. which send postive signals to google bots.

If you have a well reasearched list of keywords with mix difficulty level then chances of your website showing on search results will be higher, but don't forget to use the meta and title description according to the researched keywords.

These keywords placed tactically at correct location will helps website to rank further higher.

I can't tell evrything here, please get in touch for more details.

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